Sentro selected to join Plug And Play InsurTech global accelerator program

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September 16, 2019 — New Zealand groupinsurtech Sentro has been selected from an international field of insurance technology startups to join the prestigious Plug And Play Insurtech Silicon Valley accelerator program.

Sentro, who offer insurance companies cloud software to run their group insurance and employee benefit offerings, joins the program this week.

“Being selected for this global program is incredibly exciting for us” said Sentro co-founder and CEO Rob Ellis. “It connects us directly with insurance corporates from around the world who are looking to innovate. This is invaluable for us as we seek Northern Hemisphere customers. This is huge validation for Sentro, and we can’t wait to get started”.

Plug and Play Tech Centre is a corporate innovation platform, as well as a startup global business development accelerator and venture investor. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug And Play operates programs and facilities around the world.

Corporate market leaders subscribe to Plug And Play to get the first look at new solutions that could help their businesses. Corporates vote for the startups they want to see in the program.

Plug and Play CEO Saeed Amidi with Sentro co-founder Hans Frauenlob

From an original field of 160 international insurance technology startups who were considered, Sentro now joins a select group of 30 companies who have been invited into the three month program.

Sentro’s innovative approach to group insurance and group benefits proved attractive to major group insurers from around the world. Group insurance is the type of insurance that businesses purchase to cover all of their employees.

Insurers can run their entire group insurance business on Sentro, including product and plan origination, policy administration, billing, claims initiation, broker portals, service provider portal, and customer and employee benefits portals and apps.

“Our customers can launch or improve group products and services faster” said Sentro co-founder Hans Frauenlob. “We say that delivering group insurance and employee benefits is a team sport. The insurer, broker, service providers and the business customer all need to work together to offer great benefits to the employee. Sentro lets them do that. That really resonated with the US and Japanese insurers we met in Silicon Valley”.

Sentro’s customers include Pinnacle Life, Delta Insurance, and the Belong employee benefits platform. Sentro is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Find out how Sentro helps insurers streamline & optimise group insurance services.