Sentro releases new Connect module

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We are delighted to announce the release of Connect.   Connect is our Sentro module for brokers and service providers who work with our group insurer customers.   Combined with Hub and Engage, Connect gives insurers the tools to connect their entire group insurance ecosystem.

Better customer experiences - before and after the sale

Brokers have to interact with insurers, business customers and their people to deliver great customer service.   Connect gives brokers better ways to work with all of them. 

 When working with the group insurer, Connect gives the broker tools to streamline the quotation and acceptance process.  The insurer can support the broker with up to date product information, forms and other support material.

After a customer has accepted quote and agreed to proceed, Connect lets the broker assist the customer through the employee onboarding process.   And at open enrollment/renewal time, Connect helps everyone get updated employee plan information in place and accurate.

Compliance made easier

Connect helps insurers and their distribution partners stay compliant.  Insurers can share up to date product information and forms with their partners. Brokers can upload accepted quotations and other case documents to the insurer.  Everything is timestamped, so there are no more 'lost email attachments' and the associated arguments about whether a document has been supplied or not.

Help get the basics right

In group insurance, one of the most basic things is also the most time-consuming and error prone.   That one thing?  Employees coming and going from plans.   

Connect gives brokers and their customers powerful yet easy to use tools to keep employee and plan information right up to date.    For small customers, just add or remove the employee using the online form, and their insurance information is automatically updated. 

For larger customers, you can import employee information in bulk from Excel or other files  - even map the file format!   For enterprise scale customers, direct integration with payroll and HR systems is possible via our rich API services.    

Available now

The full Sentro suite (Hub, Connect and Engage) is available to our customers now.  Want to learn more? Book a chat with us!



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