Sentro releases bulk plan deactivation feature

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Sentro - the operating system for group insurance - has today released new plan deactivation functionality that will be a huge time saver for administrators of large plans.

"Keeping plan member information up to date and accurate is one of the biggest challenges group insurers and group brokers face" said Hans Frauenlob, co-founder of Sentro.

"This is even tougher when they are managing very large schemes, with thousands or tens of thousands of members. Let's say that you are managing a group plan for a company with 100,000 employees. If the average employee turnover is 15 percent a year, that means that every year 15,000 people are leaving the plan. That's 1250 people leaving the plan every month. If your group admin system requires you to deactivate members one by one, you can see that managing plan deactivations could almost be a full time job for somebody".

"That's why we are so excited to release our bulk plan deactivation feature. Now it is possible for those 1250 individual member plan deactivations to be processed in a single transaction. Simply upload a file with the member identifiers and the dates they are to be deactivated from the plan, and Sentro does the rest".


The plan deactivation feature checks for valid membership and plans, and also lets the administrator specify different plan end dates for each member. The administrator can also specify a different date for member role deactivation, which governs their access to member portals.

"This is going to be a huge timesaver for administrators of large plans" said Hans. "Combined with our existing ability to bulk add and and bulk update member information, bulk deactivation means administrators have the tools they need to manage high-volume ons and offs common in large group schemes".


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