Sentro Partners with HBM+ to Deliver Powerful New Solution for Canadian Insurers

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Innovative Cloud-Native Technology Facilitates Group Insurance Policy Administration and Claims Processing

Toronto, October 6, 2021 – New Zealand-based Sentro is partnering with Canada’s HBM+ to offer Canadian insurers a unique end-to-end group health administration solution designed to anticipate and meet diverse business needs. Sentro is a fast-growing tech firm that has developed an innovative platform for group insurers, while HBM+ is a Canadian leader in health benefits management services.

Sentro and HBM+ have combined their capabilities to create the most powerful solution on the market for managing group insurance and processing claims. The customer-centric platform integrates Sentro’s expertise into HBM+’s proven leading-edge technology, the Advantage system—the most progressive drug, dental and health claims adjudication and benefits administration system in the Canadian marketplace today.

‘’We now have the capability to offer insurers a complete group insurance solution tailored to their business needs, including customer engagement, billing, policy management, claims administration and fraud detection services. Culturally, the Canadian market represents a natural fit for us, and the partnership with HBM+ is the ideal opportunity to further develop our business,’’ said Rob Ellis, CEO, and Hans Frauenlob, co-founder of Sentro.

The new cloud-native solution provides employers and employees with a robust, user-friendly insurance management experience, from client-branded access to a comprehensive suite of web and mobile applications to back-office administration services. It incorporates features such as rapid customer onboarding, powerful plan creation, automated renewals, brandable portals, pro-rated billing and voluntary and flexible benefits plans. The digital portal also supports the inclusion of non-insurance health and wellness programs, notably including mental health services.

What’s more, with recruitment becoming increasingly challenging in the current labour environment, employer branding is essential to attracting and retaining top talent. By providing a tailored group insurance solution that seamlessly reflects a client’s brand, the platform can support employers’ recruitment efforts by making their benefits package more appealing to potential hires.

“This exciting partnership is an important step in our national growth strategy,” explained Steve Laberge, Vice President, Strategic Solutions, at HBM+. “Our clients look to us for customized, innovative solutions that address their biggest challenges in health benefits management. Sentro’s expertise opens the door for us to deliver even more powerful, flexible and creative offerings. We have already made a significant difference for our existing clients, and we look forward to extending our reach through this collaboration with Sentro.”

Sentro is currently expanding its team to better serve and support its Canadian customer base. The company is well-established among mid-market group insurers in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Europe. With this new agreement, Sentro will be able to draw on the expertise of HBM+’s team in Windsor, Ontario, and Quebec City, Quebec, who provide operational services for clients, supporting the outsourcing of benefits administration and claims management. The companies will also be collaborating on new business opportunities in various other fields, particularly the automotive and aerospace sectors.

About Sentro (

Sentro, a New Zealand-based tech firm, offers mid-market insurers a unique, modern group insurance policy administration platform that makes it easier for them to delight their customers. It provides clients with the customized product and service experience they expect, without the administrative complexity in the back office. Sentro’s holistic approach, smart tech and domain expertise allow insurers to focus on delivering outstanding experiences to their group customers, rather than dealing with structural and technological issues relating to policy administration.

About HBM+ (

A division of Green Shield Canada, HBM+ is a leader in developing customized, innovative health benefits management solutions. Known for its powerful, flexible technology and claims adjudication capabilities, it provides extensive fully branded back-office solutions to some of Canada’s largest group benefits carriers and claim-paying third-party administrators, as well as public organizations. With more than 25 years in the marketplace, it has an experienced delivery and support team who serve a rapidly growing client base across Canada. As a leader in benefits fraud prevention and detection, HBM+ also offers Claim Watch, a comprehensive and multi-layered approach that uses artificial intelligence to directly tackle fraud and abuse.

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