Sentro partners with Ecosystm for international growth

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Sentro is pleased to announce a partnership with Ecosystm to accelerate international growth.

Sentro and Ecosystm will collaborate to engage insurers, financial institutions and benefit providers.  Ecosystm's expert research illustrates the importance of innovative service delivery in the group insurance and group benefits sector.  Sentro enables service innovation with its cloud-native, API-centric, 'configure and go' group insurance and group benefits administration platform. 

"We are excited to partner with Sentro to bring Kiwi innovation to the Singapore insurance sector. Our research shows that organisations are challenged to negotiate the dichotomy between achieving automation and customisation for their products & services. Combined with a backend of legacy systems & applications, customer experience and innovation becomes an uphill battle. Sentro has taken on the challenge by providing an overlay on the complex, legacy backend of insurance companies to provide customised product and services experience at scale." said Ullrich Loeffler, Ecosystm Chief Operating Officer.

"We are thrilled to partner with one of the leading research and technology advisory firms to show insurers the pathway to improving their group insurance delivery and performance" said Sentro CEO Rob Ellis. "Ecosystm offer the expert evidence and customer insights insurers want before making key platform and partnering choices. They work with world leading technology brands. We are delighted to partner with Ecosystm as we pursue our mission of improving the lives of working people worldwide". 

Ecosystm is a new age Technology Research and Advisory Firm that brings together tech buyers, vendors and analysts into one integrated platform. The firm moves away from the highly inefficient business models of traditional research firms and instead focuses on data democratisation, with an emphasis on accessibility, transparency and autonomy. With technology becoming the number one source for innovation and differentiation, and global annual spending on technology due to exceed US$5 trillion by 2020, Ecosystm aims to enable all companies to harness the power of market data to make informed decisions. Offering data and research input, sourcing and subscription services, Ecosystm promises its users in-depth and relevant research by default.

Sentro is a group insurance and group benefits administration platform. Sentro is designed for fully digital, end-to-end group insurance administration – right through to the insured person. We deploy fast. Our customers can create new products and plans in hours, not months. Renew group business in hours, not days. Quote business in minutes. Onboard customers and issue policies fully digitally, in real time. Our customers get low cost of change, efficiency in operations, and most importantly, higher engagement with their insured customers.

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