Sentro Monthly Update - Mar 2020 - A different world

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COVID-19 has literally changed the world.  This is what has happened this month at Sentro.  

Business as (un)usual at Sentro

One of the few bright spots in the hugely disruptive global pandemic is the clear benefit of being a fully cloud-enabled business.

Not only is Sentro itself a fully cloud native product - but the tools we use to build the product and run our business are cloud-based as well.

We are based in New Zealand.  Our Government is implementing a full 4 week lockdown of the entire country.  As a business and as people living here, we fully support this Government decision.   We have been operating fully remotely for 2 weeks already.

For us - this means we have simply relocated to our homes, and continue to run the business as we always do.

We are able to work with our customers and prospective customers as we always have.  The only constraint right now is being able to visit you in person!

But we are able to do everything else!  So if you want a chat, a product demonstration, want to start a project, or have a question (any question!), no problem at all.   We're here and ready to work with you. 

What we are working on

One tool that we are using more than usual is Microsoft Teams.  We are a Microsoft Partner, and one of the happier outcomes of this terrible situation is watching other businesses, schools and groups suddenly discover the really excellent collaboration tools and video chat capabilities of Teams.

We have a full team daily video chat on Teams.  We can chat message, share files and online whiteboards, and much more.  It is really easy to see how James' lockdown mustache is developing.

Remote work is absolutely essential now, and it will stay important for years to come.  We are actively working on integrating Sentro more closely with Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft products as well.  

If you'd like to know more about ways to work remotely, please contact us.  We're all in this together.

Where you can meet us

Well, for the next month at least, it will have to be online!

More seriously, this disruption affects everything, including the in-person events we would normally attend and meet you at.

Most of these in-person events are postponed for 2020.  Many event organizers are now scrambling to create on-line versions of their in-person events.

As we 'sign up' for various online events we will let you know. If you are participating as well, we might interact!

We will also be tweaking our own website to make it easier for visitors to request and schedule online meetings with us.

Please stay in touch!

If you want the very latest on Sentro happenings, please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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