Sentro Monthly Update - Jan 2020

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The boat is well and truly in the water for 2020.  The Roaring '20s are definitely here! Here is our monthly roundup of what's happening at Sentro.  

The World Tour

Co-Founder Hans Frauenlob literally went around the world to tell the Sentro story.  Here is his trip recap:

"We visited Silicon Valley, Toronto, London, Berlin, Singapore and Sydney meeting customers, partners, investors and researchers.  It was an amazing six weeks.  It started with a bang when we won the People's Choice award as the best insurtech startup at the Plug and Play Winter Summit.  We also met with a number of potential customers, partners and investors while in Silicon Valley.

Next stop was my old home town of Toronto. I met with prospective customers, partners and investors.  The recurring theme was that Canadian insurers are ready right now to act on modernizing their group insurance core systems.  I think we will be back in Canada very soon to progress some of these opportunities.

Next was London, where we met with customers, prospects and partners.  It was an interesting time to be in the UK - I was there on Election Night as the UK chose its future path regarding Brexit.  We now have three new excellent prospects in this market - all of them like-minded to us around delivering straightforward, employee-centred group products.

In Singapore we met with our friends from Ecosystm, one of the leading analyst companies in the region.  We discussed Sentro's planned activities in South East Asia in 2020.  We are now gaining interest from a number of analyst companies, which is awesome.

In Sydney we met with our friends at Microsoft.  Sentro is part of the Microsoft for Startups program, and we discussed deepening our partnership.  At Insurtech Connect in Las Vegas last September, we learned that Core Systems is a priority for the Microsoft Insurtech team this year, which makes Sentro a great fit for collaboration. 

We now have over 80 qualified and active leads in multiple markets, NDAs in place with many parties about projects, and overwhelming validation that the Sentro proposition meets a need that the market is ready to act on.  We're really looking forward to what 2020 brings us - it's going to be a really busy year!"

New features in beta testing

Technical Product Manager James Bayly is excited about improvements to Sentro Hub billing administration that are currently being tested.  James explains:

"One of the best parts about Sentro is our group billing functionality.  We can bill complex group plans, handle pro-ration, have customer-specific rate cards - all things that our customers like.  But we have always wanted to make things even easier for the team that actually runs the billing.

The improvements we are testing achieve that.  We are aiming for the goal of one-click billing.   We are still giving the billing administrator full control of the billing process  - they can include or exclude specific customers and members from any billing run.  Once they've made their selections, they can invoke the run, review it, and proceed to actual billing, in a simple series of steps.

We think billing administrators will love the improved functionality, and we will have it in customer's hands very soon now."

Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of our new Sentro Hub functionality.

Where you can meet us

We will be at two major events in the next couple of months.   If you are attending either of them, please contact us, we would love to say hello in person!

First is Microsoft Ignite in Sydney, Australia.  We will be at this event which runs February 13 and 14, 2020.

Next is SaaStr in San Jose, California.  We will be there from March 8-13, 2020 as part of a New Zealand delegation, supported by Callaghan Innovation and NZTE.  After a brilliant experience at Plug and Play in Silicon Valley, we are really looking forward to re-connecting with prospects and partners at this huge event for SaaS companies.

Innovating while dealing with legacy systems

Most incumbent group insurers we meet are looking to innovate, but feel held back by their legacy systems.  We wrote an article that gives them some techniques to make better decisions about their project scope and approach.

Click here to read the article.

Stay in touch!

We've got tons on the go - if you want the very latest on Sentro happenings, please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!


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