Sentro May 2020 Update - Saving Money

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Saving money is the order of the day in a COVID-affected world.  We can help you with that.  Here's what happened in May at Sentro.

Cash is king

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that saving money is highest on the priority list for nearly every business in the world.

Our new Value Creation calculator lets insurers analyse their group insurance operation, and easily identify opportunities for savings and growth.

Hans Frauenlob says "There are a lot of different discrete activities involved in administering group insurance business.  Not just for the insurer, but also for the broker, the employer, and the employees. 

Improvements in processes that happen a lot can generate big savings for an insurer.  Also, sometimes insurers under-appreciate how improvements in processing can really benefit their broker and customer experience.  Making the buying and service experience easier on your group customers and partners will reduce churn and increase their satisfaction with you.

The real magic happens when you can save money on operations and administration and improve your product and service at the same time.   When your product and service is better, customers buy more and your partners work harder for you.

The good news is this is actually possible.  Let us show you how by booking a session with us.  We'll use our Value Creation methodology to really look at your operation.  We will show you how you can save money and improve your product and service offering at the same time."

If you would like a free analysis of your group operation, please email and we'll set up an appointment with you.

What we are working on

Quotation improvements have been front and centre this month.   Technical Product Manager James Bayly was asked about what benefits customers will see.

"We have heard that some insurers take over a week to turn around a quote.  Our updated Connect quotation functionality now lets brokers generate indicative quotes online with minimal customer information.  When their prospect is ready for a full quotation, that can be turned around in minutes.  When the prospect accepts the quote and wants to proceed,  all of the previous data is preserved which speeds up initial invoicing and onboarding.

It means time savings for everyone  - the insurer, the broker, and the customer.  Faster quotes often mean higher win percentage on sales, so we think insurers and brokers will love this capability."

As with every part of Sentro, the new capability is also accessible via APIs.  "If brokers already have quotation management functionality, the insurer can offer API integrations.  This means their quotation system can interact with the group plan and pricing information housed in Sentro".

The new functionality will be available to all Sentro customers in June.

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