Sentro joins Insurtech Australia, launching in Australian market

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Sentro, the operating system for group insurance, has joined Insurtech Australia, signaling their commitment to the Australian group insurance and group benefits market.

Sentro CEO Rob Ellis said "Australia is a natural market for Sentro. Group insurers and benefit providers in Australia are looking ways to improve their employer and employer product and service experience, while they also keep operational control and achieve back office efficiencies. Our customers in New Zealand, Singapore and Canada are achieving great business results - our New Zealand customer Partners Life have more than doubled their group insurance business since moving their group administration onto our platform."

Rob continued "I've lived and worked in Sydney and Adelaide for many years. My wife is Australian. We've built good relationships and networks in Australia, and joining Insurtech Australia takes that up another level for us. Sentro is one of the few cloud-native group-first platforms on the market. We are excited about helping Australian group insurers, benefit providers, and brokers and third party administrators servicing group business improve their group business performance".

Sentro will participate in the upcoming Insurtech Australia InsurtechLIVE 2023 event on February 15 in Sydney, officially launching Sentro into the Australian market.

Sentro co-founder Hans Frauenlob said "Employee benefits have never been more important to the employee/employer relationship. Employer-provided and super-provided health, life, cyber, lifestyle insurances, and other protection and personal well-being services are in hot demand. The challenge for the group insurer and the benefit providers is to offer the tailored product and service experience that employers demand. Historically, this has meant a bunch of in-house application development, and also loading administrative burden into their operations teams, or farming the administration problem out to an expensive third party administrator".

Hans continued "Sentro changes the game. Our configurable platform lets sales and operations teams offer nuanced group plans and products without writing application code. Our group-first platform does the heavy lifting for the operations teams - we handle complex group billing, automate plan installs and renewals, support customer-specific document branding and formatting, bulk member information updating, and many more efficiency and customer service features. For the technologists, Sentro's architecture is modern - fully cloud-native on Microsoft Azure, API-endpoints around all functionality, and data models that can be defined and extended by the customer. Our customers are enjoying the benefits of our platform, and we know that Australian group insurers and benefit providers will too".

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