Sentro announces partnership with Tower Insurance

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We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Tower Insurance and CSC Buying Group.  Our partnership will deliver access to discounted insurance for hundreds of thousands of New Zealand workers.

Here is the statement from Tower Insurance.


Customer focussed insurtech start-up and not-for-profit buying group join forces with Tower

Kiwi insurer Tower today announced it is partnering with CSC Buying Group and New Zealand InsurTech start-up Sentro to provide hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders with access to discounted insurance for the first time.

Encompassing around 60 New Zealand corporate entities, CSC Buying Group is a not-for-profit organisation that brings businesses together and connects their employees with a nationwide supplier network. The partnership with Tower will be their first offering of a financial service.

CSC is collaborating with Sentro to introduce financial services to Buying Group’s members for the first time. Thanks to the Sentro platform, CSC customers will now have direct access to Tower services such as the MyTower platform via the CSC app, a first for the insurance company.

Tower Insurance managing director of partnerships, Jonathan Beale, says the new partnership with CSC and Sentro enables businesses that are part of the Buying Group to offer their employees discounted insurance with Tower.

“This partnership allows CSC to add financial services to their supplier network for the first time and will see about 200,000 employees working for Buying Group businesses offered cheaper insurance,” says Beale.

Sentro’s cutting edge technology enables employees to purchase Tower insurance through CSC’s app, while at the same time integrating seamlessly with other Tower Services, such as the MyTower platform.

“We are extremely excited to be teaming up with the CSC Buying Group and Sentro to offer more New Zealanders with employer discounted insurance. This type of innovative partnership is an example of the work Tower is doing working with others, thinking outside the box and acquiring access to new customers in non-traditional ways,” says Beale.

“Better still, CSC is a not-for-profit and last year donated 70% of profits to charity. As a Kiwi company, we are only too happy to get behind this initiative support them to back New Zealand communities.”

Sentro co-founder Hans Frauenlob says the partnership shows what can be achieved when a start-up teams up with a company with an established history.

“Both Tower and Sentro want to make the service experience really great for the end customer. We are both leveraging technology to deliver that promise,” says Frauenlob.

“We bring the ability to engage with employers and employees to the table, Tower brings a great range of insurance products and an excellent online customer service experience. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to growing it in the future.”


About Sentro

Sentro is a group insurance and group benefits administration platform. Sentro launched in April 2019.  Their stated mission is to make life better for working people. Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand their customers are group insurers and group benefit providers. A cloud-native, enterprise SaaS the currently have three live customers. Proudly Microsoft Partners they also won best insurtech startup at Plug and Play USA in December 2019.  Their work is currently active in North America, the UK/EU, and Australasia.

About CSC

CSC Buying Group is a not-for-profit that builds richer communities through reducing the every day cost of business.

They connect businesses with the products and services they already buy from their nationwide supplier network to significantly lower costs and overheads through great discounts.

A passion for supporting thriving communities has grown into a community of its own.  'Building Richer Communities' is their mission statement and purpose and in an increasingly diverse digital world, something they see as more necessary now than ever before.

By coming together as CSC members, businesses can become more financially sustainable, create greater value, and build a better future.

Find out how Sentro helps insurers streamline & optimise group insurance services.