Sentro announces DynaRisk integration

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July 24, 2019 — Sentro (, the leading GroupInsurtech solution for group insurance and benefits, today released an integration with DynaRisk, the world’s first personal cybersecurity scorecard and cybersafety product.

The integration allows group insurance and DynaRisk provisioning to be managed as a single, joined up process.

For group insurers that want to offer DynaRisk as part of their own service offering, the integration offers many benefits.

Rob Ellis, Sentro CEO said “Innovation in group insurance and benefits is about making things better for everyone in the value chain — insurers, service providers, brokers, business customers, and most importantly their people.”

“Insurers want the ability to enhance their group products through offering complementary, non-insurance services. I can think of no better example of this than combining a group personal cyber-insurance product, with DynaRisk’s world-leading personal cyber-risk assessment product. The insured get in DynaRisk some of the best tools in the world to assess and manage their own cyber-risk, and insurers get the benefit of helping their insured be aware of and manage down their cyber-risks”.

“Our integration with DynaRisk allows Sentro customers to manage this bundled service offering as a completely unified proposition. When people are added to their group policies, they are also automatically provisioned with their DynaRisk access. When they are on-boarded with their insurance cover, they are also seamlessly on-boarded to DynaRisk” Ellis added.

“Businesses that are concerned about their cyber-security often overlook how to improve their major vulnerability — namely, their employees being cyber-attacked and compromised” said DynaRisk CEO Andrew Martin. “DynaRisk lets individuals assess their own personal cybersecurity, warns them of breeches and risks, and offers them concrete steps they can take to improve. When people across a business take these steps, the overall security of their workplace improves as well”.

“Our integration with Sentro enables group insurers who also want to offer DynaRisk to their customers an elegant, easy way to manage their overall group offering” Martin said.

About Sentro: Sentro connects the whole group insurance and benefits value chain. Insurers, brokers and service providers can collaborate to deliver superior group insurance and benefit experiences to businesses and their people. Sentro is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.

About DynaRisk: At DynaRisk, our mission is to help you stay safe online and reap all the benefits of the Internet. Protecting your digital life is hard, we make it easy. We understand that everyone has a different level of cyber risk, big businesses don’t. DynaRisk is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

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