New Sentro Plan capabilities - a gamechanger for group administrators

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Plan installation and plan renewal times are among the most stressful for group insurance administrators. There is lots of back and forth with the broker and the customer to ensure that everything is correct before plan activation happens. Once policies and certificates are issued, it is a real pain to amend them. 

That's why we're so excited about our new Sentro Plan features. We've given insurer group administrators much more control of the 'plan installation in progress' experience.  

Draft Group Plans - preview and edit everything!


Plans can now be saved in a Draft state. You can still add and edit Product Rules, Benefits and Rates, but now you can also immediately see and preview the associated documents that would be created when the Plan is activated!

This gives the insurer group administrator the ability to share draft policies, welcome letters, and other Plan documentation with colleagues, customers and selling partners before Plans go in-force. 

If something needs to be modified or amended  - no problem. Just edit the Plan or the Template, re-save the Draft plan, and immediately see the impact of your amendments in the draft Plan documents.

This feature really helps everyone in the production process get things absolutely perfect before on-boarding members to in-force Plans!

Draft Plans

Templates - even more control over what your customer sees 


Sentro's Template capabilities allow different Policy, Welcome Letter and Invoice layouts to be produced. You can use one  layout for your whole customer base, or you can create Templates for specific customers or customer groups.

We've turbocharged this already amazing feature.  Now it is even easier to create new Group, Member, Product and Plan attributes, and make those new attributes available for use in a Document Template.

The benefit for insurers is clear. If you have a requirement to get a brand new piece of information into your key customer documents, our new Template capabilities make it easier than ever. 

Imagine if your re-insurer, underwriter or regulator requires you to gather and record a new piece of data on your entire membership. Now  you can create the new data attribute in the Member data model.  Then, the new attribute can be made visible in portals for members to enter, and presented on key documents by amending Templates to include the new data attribute.

Document Templates

These awesome features will be available to Sentro customers in April 2022.

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