We're hiring! Join our Canadian team

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Here's a great opportunity to join the Sentro team in Canada!  Selected best insurtech at Plug and Play USA in 2019, we are winning new customers worldwide, including Canada. You will work with innovative insurers, primarily in Canada, but you will also have the opportunity to work with insurers in other countries.

Sentro makes it easier for group insurers to satisfy their customers. Our holistic approach, smart tech and domain expertise frees insurers from the structural and technology issues they grapple with, and focus on delivering outstanding experiences to their group customers (and in turn to their insured people).

We are looking for a bilingual Implementation Specialist to join our team in Canada. You will help our group insurer customers successfully implement Sentro into their business operations.

Your background in insurance operations and your enthusiasm for finding great ways to solve customer problems using modern technology makes you a great candidate to join our growing team.  You've probably experienced the frustrations of dated technology and process workarounds at an insurance company, so you'll be fired up to show insurers how they can delight their group insurance customers with Sentro.

You are friendly and professional.  You know what it takes to get the job done properly, and you love teaching others how to get the most out a new solution.  

You should be familiar with new technology, including workflow, communications, and business analytics tools. You will help our customers integrate these with their Sentro installation.

Your knowledge of the operational aspects of insurance give you immediate credibility with our customers. You get extra credit if you have a a background in group insurance or group benefits operations.

You'll be joining a small but growing team who are passionate about making things better for working people.

For more information about the role, and to apply, please visit Sentro's LinkedIn page and look for the Implementation Specialist role in the Jobs section. 

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