Bikmo select Sentro for fleet insurance policy administration

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UK cycle insurer Bikmo have selected Sentro as their platform for fleet insurance policy administration.

Bikmo, whose mission is to "protect the world's riders and the places we ride" launched cycle insurance in the United Kingdom in 2014. They now also operate in Germany, Ireland, Austria and Belgium.

Bikmo CEO Dave George said "Partnering with bike leasing partners and building group policy solutions in the bike and micromobility sectors are strategic growth areas for Bikmo.  Bikmo offers leasing partners fleet insurance products that reduce the risks for them and also for their lease customers."

"We realised that as this fleet business grows we would need a fleet policy administration platform that could handle the volumes and complexities that come with covering large fleets of bikes. We were also looking for a partner that shared our values and our way of doing business. We've found that ideal partner in Sentro."

Sentro CEO Rob Ellis said "We are delighted to welcome Bikmo to the Sentro family. Our configurable Sentro platform allows the Bikmo fleet insurance products in the different countries they operate in to be set up and nuanced for each leasing partner."

"Our cloud-native and API-centric architecture means that the Bikmo team can add integrations between Sentro and their leasing and fleet insurance partners. We love Bikmo's growth strategy in their fleet business and we are excited to be on the ride with them as they grow that market."

"We also love working with Dave, Jorj and the Bikmo team. They are incredibly passionate about their mission and we're really enjoying working with them. We've got some keen cyclists on our team!"

"Our customers around the world are running group life, medical, cyber, fleet and employee benefit propositions on Sentro. It shows the versatility of our configurable, group-first platform."

About Bikmo

The Bikmo mission is to protect the worlds’ riders and the places we ride.

That means three things.

First, being relentless about our focus on protecting our community of riders and providing an exceptional experience at every interaction.

Second, being a global business – not at any cost, but working alongside partners to protect riders across the world.

Third, using the power of our business, brand and community to protect the places we ride covering everything from safer urban cycling infrastructure to Alpine trails. 

Bikmo are headquartered in the United Kingdom and also operate in Germany, Ireland, Austria and Belgium.

About Sentro

Sentro is the platform that powers profitable group insurance. The right-sized group insurance policy administration platform for growing group, fleet and embedded insurers, Sentro's rich functionality, great service and fair pricing is being taken up by insurers from around the world.

Sentro is based in Auckland, New Zealand, with customers in New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, the UK and the EU.

Find out how Sentro helps insurers streamline & optimise group insurance services.